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EssayQuest breaks the work of writing college essays into four phases

Students reach two milestones in each phase.

To get to the milestones, students go through a series of clear, straightforward step-by-step activities with support from college consultants, counselors, or teachers.

Examples of activities and professional support material

EssayQuest leaves nothing to chance. Students know exactly what to do and in what order because the activities are clear and broken down into clear directions kids follow.

When you’re guiding students through activities—whether one-on-one or in a class of 30—you’ll have the straightforward videos and written guides to make it easy for you to support students.

These examples from EssayQuest will give you a sense of what it will look like from your student’s perspective, and from yours.


Foundation Activity

College Essays 101

In 20 minutes, your students will know what an effective college essay looks like and why. This self-directed version of our 7 Secrets for a Great College Essay workshop will get your students and their parents on the same page and speaking the same language as you.

How to talk to students about College Essays 101 (4:09)

Thinker Activities

Introduction and Find a Bunch of Story Starters

After a fun, eye-opening introduction to the Thinker phase, students find 25–40 Story Starters they can use as starting points for their writing.

How to help students Find a Bunch of Story Starters (7:02)

The best sample college essays anywhere*

We love these essays and think you will as well. More importantly, your students will see why these are such effective essays. 

Our students read these after they’ve taken College Essays 101

*No, we can’t prove it, but see for yourself!

How to talk to students about sample essays (5:52)

How to read any college essay like a pro

Most people can’t tell a good college essay from a terrible one. This one-page guide makes it easy for anyone to understand why an essay works, or doesn’t. We go through the same series of questions with our personal mentoring students every time we meet with them.

This is a powerful tool for students, parents, counselors, and teachers and example of the kind of resources we include with EssayQuest.

If the form does not download on your phone, copy this link and paste it into your browser to download.

Resources to make it easy to streamline with EssayQuest

With our guidebook, templates, training videos, webinars, consulting, and more, you’ll discover just how easy it is to bring EssayQuest into your practice or organization.

And if you ever have questions or need to get unstuck, we’re here to help!

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