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What did Elijah have to do to write such a great essay?

Elijah had written the first draft of his college essay on his own. He was motivated (and his mother was thrilled).

But then he rewrote it the way he thought his English teacher wanted him to. Mom—a professional writer—didn’t think the new essay was very good.

Elijah wouldn’t listen to her. Of course not. He’s a teenager. Why would you listen to your mother?

Now with less than four weeks until the deadline, they were both more than a little stressed. 

Elijah, moments after finishing his college essay. (The good one.)

Elijah had to forget everything he thought he knew about writing—and about himself.

At the end of three weeks with his essay mentor, Elijah had gotten curious about who he is in a way few high school students ever do, and he had learned new ways to tell his story powerfully and effectively.

He followed our Write Like a Pro process, which you’ve already started by building a strong foundation. 

People who write for a living break the work down differently than most high school students.

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Our Write Like a Pro process

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