Programs for seniors nearing deadlines

Whether you’re still working on your first  essays, or you want to write a stronger essay for schools with later deadlines, we’re here to help.

An integrated system to help you write your best essays

(and enjoy your holidays!)

When it comes to writing college essays, it doesn’t take much for teens and parents to veer off into friction, frustration, and wasted time and effort.

EssayQuest takes you from your first topic ideas to the final draft of your essay with the same process that professional writers and communicators use. We’ll guide you on a clear pathway from confusion and frustration to an engaging, authentic, and effective finished essay.

An online program designed for you

EssayQuest is our teen-tested, self-directed, nothing-like-school program. EssayQuest guides you through the writing process with clear, easy-to-understand activities, starting with College Essays 101 all the way through getting your essay proofread.

Feedback you can act on

We’ll give you clear, logical feedback using language and concepts that will make sense to you. Most importantly, we’ll tell how to deal with the feedback, guiding you to the EssayQuest activities that will move you forward.

Personal mentoring for even more support

Want more hands-on support as you go on your EssayQuest? We’ll guide you through the process, help you work through your ideas and writing, and keep you focused on what matters. Our mentoring program will empower you to write the kind of essays that admissions officers love to read.

The Write Like a Pro process takes the mystery out of writing college essays

We break up the process of writing into four parts so that you can put your full attention on one aspect of the process at a time. Just like the pros.

Our comprehensive feedback and personal mentoring follow the same structure, so we’ll always be on the same page, talking in the same language.

Which option works for you?

It’s actually trippy. I really didn’t expect it to work like this.



This eliminated a lot of stress and conflict in our home and I was happy we could still like each other when it was all done.


Parent of two students

EssayQuest is very friendly and it seems like someone my age wrote it. It’s like I’m having a conversation with someone telling me what to do. It made writing my essay enjoyable!



You’ve made this whole applying to college thing a happy experience rather than one I hated.



Who we are

Students have been writing better college essays with us since 2009. We based our teen-tested framework and methodology on the approaches that professional writers and communicators use. And, we’ve integrated self-discovery, accountability, and feedback activities to make it more powerful and less stressful for students and parents.

Our mentoring program empowers teens to write the kinds of essays that admissions officers love to read. It makes intuitive sense to teenagers, giving them both the freedom to be creative and the structure to produce their best work.

Our students have been accepted at hundreds of colleges and universities including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, UPenn, MIT, Brown, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Williams, Middlebury, Chapman, USC, Pomona, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Duke, Bates, Barnard, Smith, Bowdoin, and the Universities of Michigan, Washington, Virginia, Illinois, Arizona, and Oregon.

Feedback and mentoring from a nationally-recognized expert in college essays 

Hi! I’m Barak Rosenbloom, the founder and Chief Essay Mentor at EssayQuest. I’ve mentored over 500 students in our personal mentoring program; delivered workshops to thousands of students, parents, counselors, and admissions officers; and trained schools and non-profits to support their students more effectively. I mentor students across the US and internationally.

This past September, I led a workshop on giving feedback to 400 college counselors at the national college admissions convention in Houston. I had the chance to meet one of my students there, and he shares a few words about the process in this video.