Even though we designed this course to meet the needs of professionals already using EssayQuest, anyone working with students can get the benefits.

EssayQuest isn’t conceptual, and it isn’t rigid. It’s built for the way teens work and think today…not ten or twenty years ago.

We didn’t design EssayQuest for students.
We designed it with students.

Which means no emails, no worksheets, no brainstorming activities, no books to read.

EssayQuest is centered on an online platform that guides students step-by-step through a process that cuts to the chase with sequenced activities that resonate with them, making the journey easier for them, and for you.

There are more well-known products that have been around for a long time, and we aren’t as well known, but there’s nothing like EssayQuest.

You’ll be glad you took this course whether you use EssayQuest or not—but we bet you’ll be so impressed by the difference EssayQuest can make for you and your students that you’ll want to switch.

Friends and Colleagues Price

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